Track Your Saddle

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I’m a qualified SMSQSF and as such have to know our way around a saddle including reflocking , replacing girth straps etc. With the launch of Apple Air Tag and The Tile etc we are offering the service of inserting a tracking device into your saddle. Your saddle can then easily be tracked by your phone in the “find my” app. You should see people - devices - items…. Click on items and you can track your tag , play a sound, report lost etc!! This will give you a window of opportunity to retrieve your saddle if lost or stolen.


The cost of inserting Apple Air Tag is £125 to include fitting and the tracking device. If you have more than one saddle the rate is reduced.


I’m authorised by Zebra Products for Equipe and Amerigo saddles and am currently in talks with Prestige Italia on this too potentially adding at manufacture stage. We can also easily add these to Fairfax Saddles. Please contact me for other brands to see if we can help.


Our work is to add the devices safely into your saddle so it is not easy for them to be removed except by a saddler. Batteries need replacing annually. I would suggest a new device. The device should not come under stress where we are placing them in the saddle and will not effect saddle fit.


Please note we cannot be responsible for the device failing under any circumstances. If your saddle gets saturated please contact us for advice.


Any more questions please ask !!


Many thanks Caroline

Sports Horse Services Ltd