Amerigo CC Pinerolo Jumping Saddle
Amerigo CC Pinerolo Jumping Saddle
Amerigo CC Pinerolo Jumping Saddle
Amerigo CC Pinerolo Jumping Saddle

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Amerigo CC Pinerolo Jumping Saddle

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Amerigo CC Pinerolo

As an authorised Amerigo Dealer I can offer the above for sale.

This Amerigo CC Jumping saddle works on high blooded horses with long shoulders and withers.Please see photo of top line of horse that this saddle generally suits.

All saddles held in stock are Pinerolo ie calfskin for the fantastic grip this gives the rider and also the luxury feel. Plain standard leather is more durable and slightly cheaper and can be added as an option.

All Amerigo sadles are generally custom made for the horse/rider as this is an investment for your comfort and communication with the horse and the horses well being.  I strongly recommend having your new Amerigo saddle fitted by myself -please telephone me on 07939625075 to discuss your requirements....

Along with standard options - custom options are:

Saddle flaps - More forward or size variants

Block Size

Panel depths, types and long head irons.

Brass nameplates

Colour options.... ie leather trim or stitching.

Monoflap or Double flap.


This is the most amazing saddle to ride in. It is my preference on Isa my KWPN mare Concorde/Heartbreaker Jumping lines. I had large front blocks put in for my security. I feel totally in balance and harmony and she feels completely unrestricted. She is a very big jumping mare and just learning at 5yrs old her job as she is 17.2hh and has been left to mature. She has always been ridden in an Amerigo CC Jumping saddle although at 4yrs old she measured narrow/medium. We padded her saddle with a Mattes Pad to allow her to develop under the saddle. She has NEVER been sore under the saddle. She is still in the same saddle although it has been widened from +1 to a +2 and now wears no pads underneath it. Her back is extremely healthy and as such she is really easy to train. She also wears the Amerigo Bridle.