Stride Free GP Saddle. Ex demo
Stride Free GP Saddle. Ex demo
Stride Free GP Saddle. Ex demo

Stride Free Saddle by Peter Horobin

Stride Free GP Saddle. Ex demo

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NEW Stride Free GP Saddle



The StrideFree GP is made using the innovative Stride Free tree manufactured and developed by Peter Horobin Saddles in Australia.

The StrideFree® General Purpose saddle is the perfect saddle for the discerning everyday rider. Suitable for young riders starting out, older riders for support and comfort and pleasure riders who would like something that caters for various disciplines. It combines the lightweight forward cut design of a jump saddle with the slightly deeper seat of a dressage saddle. The ultimate saddle for the all-round rider who is looking to participate in all equestrian disciplines. Also great for hunting. Long Girth straps for closer contact for the leg.

• Fully adjustable in the gullet
• Soft, exible forward cut ap
• Slightly deeper seat than traditional jump saddles, for a more secure position • Wide channels provides suf cient spinal clearance
• Versatile design, ideal for jumping, trails, hunting, and all-round pleasure riding • Grippy leather
• Narrow twist
• The panels are flocked with 100% wool and can be easily reflocked on site 

A super option for kissing spines horses as lots of panel to support the horse and very wide chanel to avoid sensitive ligaments to and spinal processes. Please ring for more information on remedial saddle fitting.

To ensure the fit and comfort of your horse, these saddles are only fitted by myself and cannot be purchased online.

To book a saddle fitting please call Caroline on 07939625075.

In stock -  Brown  17.5” .

Can be completely customised in colours of your choice. The list is endless even down to real diamonds....