Amerigo Collection

Many years of experience working with World Class riders and their horses means that the Amerigo designer Peter Menet knows how saddle design can influence movement and performance of the horse. His extensive knowledge of the biomechanics of the horse and rider allow him to create saddles that influence in a positive way improving performance and the long term health of the horse. Placing the riders weight in an area where the horse can carry it easily allows the hind leg of the horse to step through more and therefore allows the horse to round its back. This allows the horse to transfer more weight onto the hind limbs and thus the horse being able to stretch over its top line and over the wither which is essential for any level of collection in dressage or jumping. A horse that is able to carry itself under the saddle easily is a horse with a good mental attitude, a healthy body and one that will therefore last longer in the chosen sport.

Fitting is of the utmost importance for me, I have as an Amerigo retailer been educated and trained in Switzerland by Peter Menet about all the details of the models and their fitting.

I highly recommend Amerigo for remedial saddle-fitting and maintaining health in the horses back. They are a class saddle. An investment for your horses future.