Girths and their Importance

Years ago I wrote an article for the British Equestrian Federation on girthing.... about the time the Fairfax Girth came out. Fairfax have and still do scientifically research their products and we as riders have a lot to thank them for - if not only to bring girthing into riders minds and how it might affect performance.

The majority of girths found on my website have been scientifically proven to improve performance . Your horses conformation and girth line would normally be assessed automatically during a saddle consultation. However in these times of lockdown I can assess your horses conformation and help decide on a girth that might make your horse more comfortable and improve performance virtually! Make valuable use of your time - get the fine detail sorted so your ready to come out winning!!

Does your horse display any of the following - Girth Galls, dislike to being girthed , kicking ,biting, tail swishing, saddle going forwards or backwards. How do you know what's the right length for a dressage girth?? Is it too thick, thin, wrong length, too thick around the elbow etc etc. Please ask !! Currently at my computer every day and am happy to help.

ALL GIRTHS CAN BE TRIALLED FOR 14 DAYS. Simply buy your girth if you wish to return it - you will receive a full refund minus 10%. You are also responsible for return shipping. If you need help we do virtual girth fittings.

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