Qualified Equine Body Worker

Improve stamina

Massage increases the range of motion, so the horse will work in an efficient manner, therefore improving the stamina as well as the performance.


Improve the temperament

Horses that are in discomfort will soon let you now by showing a change in behaviour ie napping rearing, refusing jumps etc. If your horse or pony puts his ears back when you get the saddle from the tack room, is he trying to tell you he is in pain??


Rehabilitation from muscles injuries

Occasionally I am called upon by a veterinarian to be part of the rehabilitation process following an orthopedic type problem or actual muscle injury. After healing, you find massage, stretching and the proper exercise can help by reducing scar tissue as it adheres to healthy tissue which can help restore the muscle to fully function again.


Increase the range of motion

A horse that moves better is more efficient in his stride. There is less wear and tear on the joints, ligaments and tendons equating to a longer performance life. Ideal for racehorses..... dressage horses......show jumpers......It makes sense a horse whose muscles are synchronized properly, will do a better job.

Improve the circulation

After a massage a horses veins are easy to see and the coat is glossy. When you’ve got the circulation going you’re also helping to stimulate the elimination of waste products in the system.


Why Choose Massage?

Often subclinical issues are hard to recognize, but earlier detection can mean permanent damage is lessened.

Massage is used along with conventional and complementary health care as well as proper training techniques enabling the horse to perform at an optimum level. By itself, it does not attempt to cure anything.

I have trained at Writtle college in Essex and I am a member of the International Equine Body Workers Association which is recognised by vets. 

I am qualified in Equine Sports Massage as an Equine Body Worker..

Consultations undertaken to give best advice. However these days I rarely massage clients horses due to my diary being so busy. I can however recommend either Vets or alternative therapists. Please allow around an hour for each visit. Your horse will need to be clean and dry in a comfortable environment. Please obtain permission from your vet before any treatments.