Caroline Wilde - Qualified Equine Body Worker and Society Master Saddlers Qualified Saddle Fitter.

Caroline Wilde - Society Master Saddlers Qualified Saddle Fitter and Qualified Equine Body Worker.

You can book a saddle consultation at our new purpose built facilities at our farm in the East Riding of Yorkshire online for £60 please click below!!

Appointments away from the premises with Caroline are £85 plus diesel at 45p mile one way. 

For general enquiries please email in the first instance to or if your enquiry is urgent call Caroline on 07939625075 and leave a voice message.

We run clinics every 3 months or so at the following venues.

Bowhouse Farm - Shropshire. 

Dynamic Performance Hub with Callum Banfield & Dee So'Oialo - Newent ,Gloucestershire.

Greenfield Equestrian - Ullenhall, Warwickshire.

Bryony Wilson - Stoulton, Worcestershire.

Originally from Yorkshire, was a Metallurgist and studied Quantam Physics. However Ive always been passionate about horses and in particular showjumping. As a sideline and my love of leather I began making bridles for Showjumpers, Welsh Pony Stallions, handbags, dog harnesses etc. I also began taking saddles apart and reflocking my own. 

I was lucky enough to live close to John Whitaker and  his family and regularly trained with his stable jockey at the time. I worked for John Whitaker International  as a sales representative, swiftly becoming Business Development Manager and loving the industry. Whist at JWI I trained in Italy with Prestige Italia Saddles to become a saddle fitter and also did the Society Master Saddles Introductiory Saddle Fitting course.

I then left JWI with their blessing and help to set up in business selling JW and Prestige saddles. I constantly still now train every year. I find the evolving world of saddles fascinating and it makes me happy to be part of the team for all my clients  in the care and welfare of their horse. I specialise in top competition horses and remedial saddle fits. Most of my customers come through word of mouth. I have developed this website mainly to give new clients an overview of how I work.