Meet the Team - Caroline, Tonya and Gemma.

Caroline - Qualified Equine Body Worker and SMS QSF ( Saddle fitting appointments available at our new purpose built facilities East Riding of Yorkshire) Regular clinics. 

Originally from Yorkshire, was a Metallurgist and studied Quantam Physics. However Ive always been passionate about horses and in particular showjumping. As a sideline and my love of leather I began making bridles for Showjumpers, Welsh Pony Stallions, handbags, dog harnesses etc. I also began taking saddles apart and reflocking my own. 

I was lucky enough to live close to John Whitaker and  his family and regularly trained with his stable jockey at the time. Off we went to HOYS one year and I was approached by John Whitaker International to work on the stand at the show. A few days later I got a call to go and work for the company as a sales representative, swiftly becoming Business Development Manager and loving the industry. Whist at JWI I trained in Italy with Prestige Italia Saddles to become a saddle fitter and also did the Society Master Saddles Introductiory Saddle Fitting course.

I then left JWI with their blessing and help to set up in business selling JW and Prestige saddles. I constantly still now train every year. I find the evolving world of saddles fascinating and it makes me happy to be part of the team for all my clients   in the care and welfare of their horse. I specialise in top competition horses and remedial saddle fits. Most of my customers come through word of mouth. I have developed this website mainly to give new clients an overview of how I work.

To book a saddle consultation or for a general enquiry please email in the first instance to

If your enquiry is urgent call Caroline on 07939625075 and leave a voice message.

Tonya - Professional Saddle Fitter (Dorset and surrounding areas)


 Tonya joined Sports Horse Services Ltd 6 years ago.

As an Eventer and owner of a sensitive horse I understand how difficult it can be to find a saddle. My horse was very difficult to saddle fit. He was not a particularly awkward shape but literally would not go in anything I tried. After many visits he eventually chose his own saddle an Amerigo! It was this journey and all I learned along the way that fuelled my ambition to become a saddle fitter.

I have trained with the Society of Master saddlers and work with many traditional English brands such as Albion, Fairfax and Harry Dabbs.
I have also been trained by Peter Menet of Amerigo and Carsten Engelke of Prestige Italia. These continental saddles have revolutionary designs and have a different fitting concept to traditional English saddles. We use the whole profile of the horse not just the width. These saddles also offer so many rider fitting options as standard that finding perfect rider balance is truly achievable.

I am proud to say I have a wonderful customer base which includes everyday pleasure riders, Para and Olympic riders. I am based in Dorset but travel! I cover most of the South of England.

Please Tel 07770 998990


Gemma - Professional Saddle Fitter (Cambridgeshire and surrounding areas)

 Horses have been a life-long addiction and love, from starting riding in the Pony Club and then competing with BE. At University I completed a BSc in Equine Therapy, with my dissertation assessing the effects of different girth styles on performance. Whilst studying, I worked on trade stands at HOYS, Olympia and Burghley, along with working at a local horse feed suppliers. My ambition has always been to work within the equine industry with saddle fitting combining my passion, whilst utilising my degree.

After completing my degree I joined Caroline at Sports Horse Services as a Trainee Saddle fitter and have completed my SMS Introductory Saddle Fitting and Flocking courses. I am looking forward to working alongside Caroline working from my base in Cambridgeshire.

Please Tel  07518 315245