Saddle Consultations

My aim when saddle fitting is to improve performance. I work with professionals, young riders and juniors in show jumping, dressage and eventing. A good saddle fitter will become part of the team behind success....  

As a Qualified Equine Body Worker all horses are evaluated without a saddle to assess musculature and how this affects saddle fit.  Templates and photographs taken of your horses back and records kept. All saddles are tried prior to purchase to ensure a good fit to the horse in exercise and to check suitability and comfort for the rider. Gait analysis undertaken.  I also work with top vets, physios and rehab centres. Happy to help with remedial saddle fitting, kissing spines cases etc. Trainers welcome. Most saddles are bespoke to horse and rider. I constantly train throughout Europe and am always on the look out for innovative products.

Saddle consultation fees vary on whereabouts you are in the UK please ask for a quote. As a general rule £75 per horse to include diesel. I do travel long distances but have to charge extra for diesel.


To book a saddle consultation or for a general enquiry please email in the first instance to

If your enquiry is urgent call Caroline on 07939625075 and leave a voice message.