Amerigo Made to Measure

Amerigo's comprehensive range of models are designed to accommodate the many different types of horses we find today. Not all horses are the same, and it's not only the width of the saddle that matters. Soundness does not only apply to the legs, as much care and attention should be paid to your choice of saddle and its' fit. A strong and healthy back means that your horse will perform happily and to the best of its' ability. Fitting is of the utmost importance for Amerigo, and as such as an Amerigo retailer I have been personally educated and trained by Peter Menet in all the details of the models and their fitting - here in the UK and Switzerland. Sports Horse Services sell more Amerigo Jump saddles than anyone in the UK due to the huge understanding of the jumping horse, physiology of the horse and musculature, and the fitting of Amerigo saddles.

If the horse can stretch over the wither, the hind leg will step under more. A horse can do this easily if the back is healthy and the saddle fits. See the legendary Peter Menets diagram showing this.