Prestige Italia Master Saddler

In October 2016 I was lucky enough to be invited by Prestige Italy as the top retailer for Prestige Saddles in the UK to Bernd Carstens in Germany to the first Prestige Master Saddlers Clinic. Only 10 retailers from around the world were invited to this event of several days where we could all speak freely about saddlefitting, problems and new ideas. We shared our knowledge and it was an amazing experience. Everything down to fitting , panel adjustment and how the rider affects the saddle. It was very liberating sharing knowledge like this was as no one was going to take your ideas and affect your business as we were all from different parts of the world. An extremely valuable experience where I learned so much in those days from my friends around the world. We were not talking general saddlefitting but extremes of horse and rider problems and how each of us helped the horse or rider in question.

Bernd personally Saddlefit’s the German teams including Helen Langehanenberg who came along to share her thoughts on the Prestige X Helen dressage saddle which she helped develop. 

Carsten Engelke who is the consultant for Prestige Italia was also there and gave lecture demos.

I have also been on the Prestige saddle conventions held around Italy for several years.This is an honour of the top retailers from around the world to join Prestige’s hospitality, workshops with vets, riders and various consultants.