Prestige Brillante AS-X  Dressage Saddle NEW TO THE MARKET
Prestige Brillante AS-X  Dressage Saddle NEW TO THE MARKET


Prestige Brillante AS-X Dressage Saddle NEW TO THE MARKET

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Prestige AS-X Brillante Dressage Saddles are made to order and custom made to fit your horse.

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Seat Size - 16, 17 ,18
Tree Size - 31 to 37
Colour - leather: black, tobacco, london (Elite only).
Special colours for piping pieces, stitchings and stirrup leather keepers
Stuffed Panels - cut panels (standard), non-cut panels, half flocking (standard for 35/36/37 trees), +1cm/+2cm in back, +1cm on all surface, SF, BD
Blocks - big (45-standard), small (47), velcro
Girth Straps - 2 long girth straps (standard)
Projection - standard, +2cm, -2cm
Flap Length - S, M, L, XL, XS
Special reinforcement (only for the doubled leather version)

• ELITE (superior doubled leather in London)
• LUX (doubled with smooth premium leather)
• D (doubled oiled calfskin leather)

The Brillante AS-X double flap dressage saddle features a tree with the revolutionary new AS-X technology, born from the combination of two technologies: the Adaptive System and the X-Technology. The Adaptive System is the only shock-absorbing system that allows the tree axial and lateral bending. A tree that is unique on the market and completely innovative. Thanks to its geometry, X-Technology with injected membranes and the patented Adaptive System, it is able to fully follow the horse’s movements and offer the rider maximum stability. The front part of the saddle is designed to minimise thickness and provide the rider with a close contact sensation, while the rear part, with its large injected membranes, offers great stability. The design, specifically studied to provide maximum flexibility, allows the horse to flourish its athletic skills. Its deep seat allows the rider to connect to the saddle while maintaining the indepence of the aids. The reduced thickness under the thigh increases the communication between horse and rider. The design of the blocks, which are not stitched at the front, allows the sweatflaps to flex and the panels to follow the horse’s shoulders without restricting its movement. The Brillante AS-X saddle offers several fitting options, thanks to its two different panels options: standard and cut panels. 

These saddles require fitting. 

Price is for a calfskin version customised to horse and rider